We Help Those Whose
Civil Rights Have Been Violated

We are Here to Help

Civil injustice is a regularly occurring event. We are a nonprofit organization located in the DFW area designed to help those who have been wrongfully jailed and then released with little to no explanation from the police. Our founder has been through a similar situation and started this organization to help others who are going through it now. Our mission is to assist victims, raise awareness, and get people involved in our cause through local events, volunteer work, and by giving donations.

Give Help

Our organization runs with the help of volunteers and donations. The more the merrier on both accounts! Find out ways you can contribute to our cause and help victims whose civil rights have been violated.

Get Help

At UnprotectedVictims, helping others is our main goal. If you are a victim who has had your civil rights violated, we are here to help. Check out our resources on our get help page.